The Studio

House of Pilates is based out of my home in southeast Fort Collins.  The studio features 2 reformers, 1 Tower 1 combo chair, 1 ladder barrel and 1 spring board.  We also have TRX!! At this time, House or Pilates only offers Private 1x1 training as well as semi-private 2x1.  For semi-private, class hour must be booked as 2 people together.  This option is ideal for couples or friends that want to work out together.

Meet Your Instructor

Anna Becerra has been personally practicing Pilates for many years and has been certified as an instructor through the Pilates Career Institute and Pilates Method Alliance.  Anna and her husband, Jorge enjoy the benefits of Pilates in their own lives and are excited to share those benefits with you!  In addition to using Pilates to tone your body, Anna has training in treating many orthopedic issues and has focused her career on rehabilitative Pilates.